April 11, 2011

Love Dinero, DJ Technikz & Waka Flocka Flame - Benjamin Flocka

Track List:
1. Benjamin Flocka (Intro)
2. My G
3. Call The Squad For Him (Feat. Rocko)
4. Brick Monopoly (Feat. P- Smurf & Mouse)
5. Talkin
6. Clap
7. Kill The Parkin Lot (Feat. Blar & P Smurf)
8. Young Nigga (Feat. Gucci Mane)
9. Spazz Out (Feat. Chill Will & P Smurf)
10. Crowd (Feat. Yg Hootie, Lil Capp & P-Smurf)
11. Lotto Ticket (Feat. Young Dose, P-Smurf, Slim Dunkin, Ice B, Y.G Hootie, Short Dawg)
12. Cocaine Runners (Feat. Cartel & P-Smurf)
13. Pole (Feat. Y.G Hootie & Slim Dunkun)
14. Do It Big (Feat. Uncle Murda, Papoose & Rah Diggs)
15. Nik After Nik (Feat. Slim Dunkin)
16. My Homeboys (Feat. Yg Hootie, P Smurf & Ice Burgandy)
17. Watch My Power Spread (Feat. Woo Da Kid)
18. This Is Bricksquad Squad (Feat. Yg Hootie, Frenchie, Wooh Da Kid, Ice Burgandy & P-Smurf)
19. Ball (Feat. Tity Boi)
20. Grove St Party Bonus

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